David Joyce

David Joyce received his BA from Johns Hopkins University, MS from Penn State, and his Ph.D. in Geochemistry from Arizona State University.  During his graduate and post-graduate fellowships at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he studied topics related to high pressure and temperature, including hydrogenation of buckminsterfullerenes, thermodynamic properties of supercritical fluids, power plant steam cycle chemistry and crystallization from silicate melts.  

He worked as a Senior Research Engineer at Molten Metal Technology, specializing in offgas chemistry as well as gas/melt interactions and environmental controls for highly hazardous materials.  

At Crystal Systems, he developed processes for purification of solar grade silicon, new methods of casting PV silicon ingots, and improved processes for growth and post growth treatments of sapphire and Ti:sapphire.  

After GT Advanced Technologies purchased Crystal Systems, David was made Director of Sapphire R&D, and worked to improve the HEM crystal growth process and support the continuing expansion of industrial crystal growth required for large scale consumer applications, such as LED substrates and smart phone screens.  

David joined Crystal Systems Innovations in 2016.  He lives in Marblehead, MA, and enjoys spending time with his family, soaring, and outdoors activities.