Leila Panzner

Leila brings to her job 20 years of experience in the field of crystal growth including development and commercialization of the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM) for large diameter sapphire, advanced sapphire and Ti:sapphire crystals for high power laser applications, photovoltaic silicon growth for solar energy, and the Fixed Abrasive Slicing Technology (FAST) program for lower cost slicing sapphire, silicon and other hard ceramic materials more effectively using diamond plated on wire.  

Leila’s work at Crystal Systems Innovations’ newest start up laboratory facility includes procuring contracts for advancing crystal growth and slicing technologies.  Her responsibilities include managing the finance, legal, HR and technology departments.

Leila is working toward her B.A. Business Management Degree at Salem State University and holds an A.S. Business Degree at North Shore College.