Crystal Systems Innovations (CSI) was formed in 2014 to advance crystal growth and slicing technologies for licensing.  Frederick Schmid founded the company as the successor to Crystal Systems, Inc, which he sold after 39 years to concentrate on innovative research of ceramic materials.  CSI builds on its strengths in crystal growth and slicing hard ceramics with its patented technology, understanding, and IP.

The company’s goal is to license its advanced crystal growth and slicing technologies based on its hands-on experience and theoretical strength.  Generally, these technologies have not advanced to their potential due to its cost in low margin business.”

Frederick Schmid

Fred received his bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Lafayette College, NY, and a master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a materials option from Northeastern University, MA. He invented the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM) in November, 1968 at the Army Research Center, Watertown, MA to grow large diameter high quality sapphire by directional solidification. Based on this breakthrough, he founded Crystal Systems, Inc. in 1971 to commercialize HEM crystal growth technology based on the ability to grow large high quality sapphire and to adapt the technology to grow square single crystal silicon from a small seed crystal for solar energy and effecting slicing with its FAST slicing technology.


David Joyce

David Joyce received his BA from Johns Hopkins University, MS from Penn State, and his Ph.D. in Geochemistry from Arizona State University. During his graduate and post-graduate fellowships at the Carnegie Institution’s Geophysical Laboratory, and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, he studied topics related to high pressure and temperature, including hydrogenation of buckminsterfullerenes, thermodynamic properties of supercritical fluids, power plant steam cycle chemistry and crystallization from silicate melts.


Mark Prestero

Mark is a Technology Project Manager and Mechanical Team Leader with a broad range of
mechanical engineering and problem-solving skills, with proven success in energizing and guiding
teams in complex advanced technology developments, on projects across the range of autonomous
urban driving; subsea oil production technology development; nuclear submarine at-sea operations,
modernization and repair; photovoltaic generating systems and the grid interface; communications
and sensor system technology development.


Leila Panzner

Leila brings to her job 20 years of experience in the field of crystal growth including development and commercialization of the Heat Exchanger Method (HEM) for large diameter sapphire, advanced sapphire and Ti:sapphire crystals for high power laser applications, photovoltaic silicon growth for solar energy, and the Fixed Abrasive Slicing Technology (FAST) program for lower cost slicing sapphire, silicon and other hard ceramic materials more effectively using diamond plated on wire.